Boys2Men Challenge


What is the Boys2Men Lip Sync Challenge?

The Boys2Men Lip Sync Challenge is a fun, interactive social media challenge raising awareness of the hardships that children in foster care face. The B2MLS Challenge was kicked off by J’s House, a nonprofit in Houston, TX, with a mission to bring love, healing, and family to kids in foster care. J’s House vision is for every child in Texas to have a forever family.

How do I participate in the Challenge?

1. Accept the challenge

Each person taking part in the Boys2Men Lip Sync Challenge has to nominate three people to join them. If you are nominated, you have 24 hours to complete the challenge!


Music Player

A device that will be heard playing your favorite boy band song while on camera!

Favorite Boy Band Song

Queue up your favorite boy band song - any boy band, any era - on your music player!

Video Recording Device

Either your phone or computer camera will work best to capture this magic!

2. take a video

Take a video of yourself (or group of friends) lip syncing or singing along to your favorite boy band song.

Your video should include:

  • Your name
  • Who challenged you
  • A statement of acceptance (“I accept the Boys2Men Lip Sync Challenge”)
  • The names of the three people you are nominating
  • A mention of the amount you are donating to J’s House

3. upload your video

Post your video on your favorite social media platform. 

Your post should include:

  • Tagging and challenging at least three of your friends
  • A link to
  • #Boys2MenLipSyncChallenge

4. make a donation

Make a donation to support children in foster care. If you are nominated for the J’s House B2MLS Challenge and choose not to participate, you are encouraged to donate instead.


  • Do I have to lip sync a BoyzIIMen song? Not at all – any boy band, any era. Go old school with the Temptations or Beatles. Keep it classic with your favorite NKOTB, New Edition, NSYNC, or Backstreet Boys song. Or give us your best One Direction. Take your pick and have fun with it!

  • Do I sing the whole song? Only if you want to. Your favorite verse and chorus (30-60 seconds) works great!  

  • Do I have to donate if I take the challenge? Donations are always welcome, but you do not have to donate in order to take the J’s House B2MLS Challenge. By accepting the challenge, you are raising awareness of the hardships faced by children in foster care. However, by making a donation, you are helping fund critical stabilization and treatment services to children in foster care who have experienced intense emotional trauma. Together, we can bring love, healing, and family to kids in crisis!

  • Do I have to be challenged in order to participate in the BOYS2MEN LIP SYNC Challenge? No! If you have not yet been challenged, you can start the chain in your personal network by taking the B2MLS Challenge and nominating three of your friends/family members.

  • How do I donate? You can make an online donation or send a check to J’s House at 1311 Buckingham Way, Kingwood, TX 77339.
  • What are some additional ways I can get involved? There are several ways to get more involved with J’s House. In addition to making a charitable donation, you can also spread the word about the J’s House mission, join our family of volunteers, represent with J’s House merch, and pray with us